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When you love ties and don’t want something too formal or completely in silk, knitted ties make perfect sense. Knit ties have come a long way and are seeing the light of the day finally as the ramps tout them as the most interesting concept in ties’ fashion brigade!


The trend came to light with Agyesh Madan launching the Stòffa. The collection not only presented a neoclassical accessories range for men but also a selection of knitted ties. And to every critic’s surprise, they actually sold like hot cakes. There are many designers out there who are experimenting with the trend and doing way better than expected. They designer came up with knit ties made in Como, Italy. Little did he know the trend would do so well.

Casual appeal that speaks for itself

The knit ties which are made of wool or nubby silk is going well with men across all age groups. These are men who know how to style it right. But are they really making a wave as much as we think? Some saying no, it’s the casual appeal that’s nudging knit ties in trend. And while those in the casual scenario love it, the others don’t find them appealing. At the same time, these are ties that are polished but not ostentatious. They are not overdone, which is a plus for many who love a tinge of casual in formals too.


Classic ties with no pretense

In today’s time when sporting a tie is a pretty big fashion statement, a knit tie is a great escape. It’s a classic way to wear one without the pretense. This gives it an edge over a silk tie. And if you want to add matte colours to your wardrobe, this is what you are looking for. Come winter and every formal outfit requires a tie, so what makes these casual must-haves popular. It’s the formal and casual appeal. For fashion experts who have been sporting ties of knit for almost over the past many seasons, say that these ties give a more instinctive look.


They make for perfect bestsellers

Knit ties are among the best-sellers for many brands today. These ties are tactile and make the ensemble look much more interesting. Knit ties are versatile and go well with all kinds of suits from moleskin to cotton and even tweeds. Most interesting are the lightweight knitted ties which go in almost all weathers and work all year around.


Today, designers are offering finer variety of knit ties that come, from rich-hued solids. Scout a bit and you will also find patterns with embroidered dots. The one problem some critics often point out to is that these take the appeal of formal from a tie. But who cares really when you have something really interesting to wear with weaves that speak volumes about their class. Also, with the formal dressing sensibilities shifting to trousers with casual blazers or denims with formal shirts, these ties are only making it easy for fashionistas to follow their heart!

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