It is all about being online today. The two things most happening online is social media and online shopping. The entire shopping world has shifted online today; the biggest stores also offer their products on the online platform. You are not in business if you are not online and you are not a smart buyer if you are not online either. Buying online requires smartness and attentiveness especially if you plan to buy cosmetics because there are not as easy return policies for cosmetics as for apparels and footwear. You can try few of the ideas and crack good deals and products when you buy cosmetic online in India.

  1. Download an application

Applications have made it all the way easier to shop now, you need not to switch on a laptop and log into account and then search and surf. It can all be at one touch on your smart phone where things are much more personalized. You can surf through the different range of cosmetics even in a waiting area while waiting for someone. You do not need to carry your laptop along or find a cyber around to check out the cosmetic products for that half an hour or an hour that you have free.

  1. Check reviews and customer ratings

The customer reviews and ratings are important form of help while buying cosmetics online. These ratings can also be considered for which application or which seller to choose to buy from other than for just cosmetic products.

  1. Check the details and specification properly

The details of the product like the size, weight and brand &shade name are always mentioned along with the product. Check them carefully and just don’t go with the photo provided only.

  1. Use discount coupons

Applications provide special discounts and there are certain monetary benefits associated online, the main reason that online shopping is so in. Different online shopping sites offer special discount coupons, do not forget to check them and apply them as well. You will love your lip colours even more when you will feel great about the price you paid.

  1. Store in wish lists and wait for big sales

There are times when there are huge sales and discounts offered by the online sites or the applications especially on weekends and festive seasons. Most of the applications have shortlisting or storing in wish list option. Use this feature for saving your next purchase list from the thousands of other products and wait till it is an announced sale bonanza and garb your deal then.

  1. Keep the notifications on

Do not forget to keep the notifications and newsletter active to know all the latest offers and huge sale and discounts periods.

  1. Try trial packs

It will be wise to try certain brand first, by choosing only trial packs. If that satisfies you, you can freely order more and have a gala time with your world of colours and cosmetics.

  1. Pre-order

There are options like pre-order which are at special low price already. Don’t forget to check these and order few as well to get a right deal.


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