Finding a good quality day care school that is fun and nurturing for kids is a big stressor for most parents. Doesn’t come as a big surprise really, does it? Given that it is a place where their little ones will spend a major part of their waking hours, it’s a decision that cannot be taken lightly.

What makes a good childcare centre? Ideally, a safe, spacious, healthy facility with professional teachers that allows tiny tots to mingle and learn in an engaging environment structured around their developmental needs. There are many day care schools in Delhi that fulfil this criterion. These centres offer enrichment programs, creative activities and curriculums that are tailored to meet the specific needs of different age groups.


Check out some of the benefits of day care schools for toddlers and pre-schoolers embarking on the educational process.

Professional teachers:

A good day care school hires teachers that are caring, compassionate with a high level of patience. The teachers are well trained and armed with educational qualifications vital for fostering children’s learning and development.


Enthusiasm for learning:

Since the teachers are attuned to kids’ temperament, they are able to evoke their enthusiasm for learning, nurture curiosity and sharpen their inborn skills. This gives kids in day care centres an intellectual edge and encourages them to explore new avenues which steps up their learning experience.


Hones creative skills:

The facilities have a daily routine of interesting programs like singing, building blocks, dancing, storytelling and playing rhyming games. To stem monotony and quell boredom, the programs are changed regularly so children have ample opportunities to hone up their talents in the creative setting.


Prepares kids for kindergarten:

Children attending day care schools are accustomed to spending time away from parents and are quite comfortable being looked after by other adults outside their family. This is a real blessing when the little ones are being prepared for kindergarten. They tend to show little resistance and are quite enthusiastic about joining a new school.


Strengthens socialization skills:

Perhaps the biggest plus point of day care schools is the social impact. Kids make diverse friends and learn to interact with peers in a group environment. They pick up appropriate social etiquettes and develop traits like sharing and playing with others.


Learn self-discipline:

According to a faculty member at a day care school in Delhi, care givers at preschools teach kids to respect others, encourage good behaviour and try to inculcate discipline in a kind manner.



Day care schools help in building confidence, self-control, polishing social traits and curbing aggressive behaviour. Sure, kids occasionally engage in squabbles, but they learn to resolve conflicts and problems without intervention.



This is a tricky one since germs and kids go hand in hand. Though most day care centres adhere to the strict rule of “stay home if you’re sick”, the odds of the kids getting infected are high. However, research indicates that kids exposed to viruses at day care develop a strong immunity and are less likely to fall sick in later life.


Not only this, the establishments provide healthy balanced meals and notify parents about the child’s progress on a regular basis.

Still indecisive? Whether you are stay at home parent or working full time, sending you child to a reliable day care school is positive approach, a decision you will not regret. Believe me, your child will enjoy personalized attention, have fun and make friends.

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