To get an optimal level of output, it is important for the field teams to move beyond traditional methods of data collection. Collecting field activity related data manually by taking notes in diaries is not only a tedious task but also leaves scope for duplication and human errors. Furthermore, report compilation too takes a long time resulting in a noticeable information and communication gap between the management and the field representatives.

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In this scenario, a 360 degree field reporting software like FReD can help to streamline reporting and make operations more effective.
To maximize the benefits of field force automation, it is best to keep in mind some useful tips and tricks.

Create a tech savvy field team:

If you are starting field operations from scratch, then it is a good idea to hire agents who are familiar with mobile technology. FReD is an easy to use software with a simple interface but does require basic understanding of mobile reporting. If working with an existing team, it would be a good idea to invest in training your team to ensure that they are ready to make the most of the new field reporting tool.

Be Involved!

Stay on top of the software and know each and every aspect related to its usage. Make your team understand the technology they are using now. It is necessary to conduct training sessions to help employees draw full advantage from available features. Documentation of your training calls, providing user manual and demos are some of the ways to ensure that field team workers are well acquainted with mobile field reporting software.

Effectively communicate the new strategy to your team:

Effective operations are supported by effective communication. Make sure your field force is well instructed to accommodate, interpret and analyze the quick results which would be delivered once you start using FReD.

FReD comes with a simple user manual which will help you onboard your team with the new field automation processes.
Run a pilot operation:

Introducing change is never easy.

We therefore encourage you to test the software in a smaller field operation and understand truly how FReD adds value to your business.

There are two benefits to this. Firstly, you and your field team can get a first hand experience of the new streamlined processes, and understand how to build them into other operations. Secondly, this can be a training activity for your team to ensure that forthcoming, larger operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Ask your team for a feedback on the user experience and other features of the field reporting software. When you tailor the tool as per the feedback of your team, you get more employee buy in and better software implementation.
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