When it comes to enlivening your home exterior painting, window stand updating and redoing the landscaping are not the only options. One very interesting way is installing new sidings. However, it is mostly overlooked by home owners. It can give a crisp-look to your home exterior.

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These days the rising utility bills and environmental issues are a matter of concern. Apart from the external appearance, people look for more efficient and environment friendly home building materials. This same thing also governs people's choice of sidings.

Previously there weren't many options when it came to sidings. But today there are plenty of alternatives when it comes to sidings like vinyl, metal, stucco and wood. Amongst all the vinyl ones are most popular.


These sidings are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). They are available in wide array of styles and colours. They don't require external paints since the colour runs deep through the material. As a result it does not peel, show scratches or flake like painted surface.

Vinyl sidings present a good option being low on maintenance and high on efficiency. It posses many characteristics which make it the best siding option.


Some of them are:

It keeps your home warm. Most of these sidings are made in two layers. This prevents the channeling of heat from both sides. During summer it wards off the sun's heat and helps obstruct the chilly wind in winters.


It keeps the house dry and resistant to all types of harsh weather like snow, hail and heavy rain. This helps protect the framing, insulation and interior structures of the house from mold and mildew.

Unlike wood sidings, it does not attract termites. It doesn't conduct electricity making it safe during lightning and thunderstorm. Plus it also enhances the home insulation system.


It makes your home exterior low maintenance. You won't have to take special care of these sidings after installation. All one has to do is give it a proper wash using the garden hose and it will be as good as new.

It performs consistently well and holds up fine over time. It doesn't rust or corrode and can retain its properties for many years.


Replacing and repairing these sidings is also very convenient. If a storm has caused dents, splits or cracks in the sidings then a professional installer can swiftly and economically replace those damaged sidings. And this can be achieved without ripping off the entire structure.

Lastly, it also offers diverse styling option for your house. Along with different colours it comes in many clapboard widths, horizontal & vertical styles. It also comes in various textures, from wood grain to smooth ones. Thus, it allows you to pull off any look that suits your house.


In today's market there are builders who specialize in installing and repairing sidings. If you are in the mood for reviving your home for a better outlook then hire one of these experts. With a small investment of money and time you will be able to give your home an attractive and lasting new look.

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