Striped vs Plain: Which Tie Is Better?

It’s a style dilemma that every man goes through. While striped ties can be attractive and cool, they may not go well with your body type. And while those solid, plain ties can be mixed and matched better, they won’t have that eye-catching appeal. Which one should you go for?

The answer lies in a number of factors. For instance, what you are going to wear, what body-type you have, what’s the occasion and what colours or styles you personally prefer. Depending upon that, you can select a style that suits your needs.


So, when it comes to striped ties or plain ties, keep these things into account.

Solid Shirt V/S Printed Shirt

It’s basic and it’s obvious. A solid shirt can be combined with striped pattern on the tie. For instance, you can pair a light shirt with a darker coloured striped pattern, like a light blue shirt with dark blue striped pattern tie (a contrasting colour on the pattern). The same holds true for plain ties as well. Like your favourite pink shirt can go with deep burgundy, mauve or purple plain tie. That would be a sophisticated choice. The contrasting colour pattern can be right when you mean business. Like a plain navy tie for a pale pink shirt or a navy blue and dark pink striped tiefor the same shirt.

When it comes to striped shirts, you can always go for plain ties in one of the two or more shirt colours. But if you are thinking of pairing striped tie patterns with a checkered or striped shirt, follow these tips-

For a gingham check shirt, go for a plaid tie pattern—preferably with two colours and a darker line for the outline to add style. Or go for a boarding stripe tie. The boarder pattern is perfect for those who wish to combine checks and patterns together. Go for twill stripe pattern on the tie if you are wearing Bengal stripe shirt. Always make sure that your tie is darker than the shirt if you are pairing pattern and striped ties.


Where Stripe ties are a ‘No-No?’

Stripe patterns, particularly broader ones are a no-no if you are going to wear broad checked Madras-Check style of shirts. Similarly, never wear twill stripe tie if you are going for an awning striped shirt.


Remember, it is quite fun picking out combinations. Just remember that you never wear something that stands out of your ensemble. Instead, choose something that draws attention and harmonizes with the rest of your ensemble. Always try to wear a maximum of two patterns while donning shirt-tie-suit combo.


Honestly, both solid and striped ties are equally good. It simply depends on the pattern that you are wearing and your personal choice.

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