Go Green with your Spin Cycle by following these eco-friendly laundry tips while washing clothes. These tips are simple and incredibly easy to implement in real life.

It isn’t possible to give all your clothes to dry cleaners in Chatsworth. And there are times when you have to either launder them on your own or give them to a laundry. But that doesn’t mean that washing your clothes has to ruin the environment, effect water and eco-system in general. These simple tips will prevent damaging your eco-system. They are eco-friendly, simple and easy to follow.


Line Dry!

Even if you are giving your clothes to a laundry service or other regions, you can get them line dried. In earlier times, people dried their clothes on a line dry. And you can save a lot on your electricity bill by choosing this eco-friendly method. These days beautiful line dryers are available in some reliable laundry service in Chatsworth, which can be folded up when not needed or opened when required. These line dryers will ensure that your clothes are dried without a hassle. You will save the environment and your electricity bill as well.


Control temperature

When you go to DIY laundry service in Chatsworth, go ahead and turn that temperature lower. About 90 percent of energy can be saved on doing laundry if you keep the water a little colder. So, no need to go 60 degrees or 90 degrees if that isn’t required for your clothes. This will save water, reduced the time for cleaning and even have a positive impact on the environment.


Wash full loads

When you are washing clothes on your own, remember to wash full loads. That will save you tons of time and even assure that you save money. Each load consumes about 40 gallons of water. Now, that’s a lot if you are washing too many times a week or not using up the full load of your machine. Reducing the laundry wash each week can save you up to 10 percent each time on your laundry costs.


Go to a dry cleaner

Save the environment by choosing good dry cleaners in Chatsworth, who use eco-friendly chemicals for dry cleaning. Your clothes, particularly haute-couture or costlier garments and furnishings can be saved if you go for a dry cleaner who offers eco-friendly services.


Use Natural Detergents

One of the simplest ways to reduce laundry effect on the environment is to opt for good natural detergents and bleach items. For instance, items that come free from chlorine bleach, synthetic fragrance or even brighteners and dyes should be chosen over others. This will ensure that the products are friendlier towards the environment. So, go ahead and read the product label.


Wear clothes longer

No, you don’t have to wear your underwear or socks for days! But certain clothing items, such as pants, shirts, skirts and denims can be worn twice, or sometimes even thrice before they need a wash. So, don’t wash clothes till they are dirty or start to smell.


So, be an earth warrior! Go eco-friendly with these tips.

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