Safety tubs, also known as walk-ins are secure, convenient alternative for a regular bathtub. With endless benefits, these contemporary tubs should replace your old fashioned bathtubs.

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Bathtubs were originally developed in Turkey, where people used large, convenient tubs for hydrotherapy. Over the years, these tubs have evolved, to make way for hot and cold water and to offer a variety of other benefits. Currently, safety walk-in tubs are popular. As the term suggests, these tubs are safer, reduce the chance of slipping, have faster drainage and are more accessible for the kids and elderly. If you are wondering why you should replace your old fashioned, regular style bathtub with a safety walk-in tub, then here is what you need to know-

You can Walk into it

Have kids at home? Have elderly who cannot access your old fashioned bathtub? If yes, then safety walk-in is what you need. The design of this bathtub is more ergonomic than your usual bathtub, making it more accessible to kids and elderly. Younger ones can walk in it by opening the door, sit comfortably without worrying about drowning their body. Similarly, elderly, especially those with knee problems, arthritis or other difficulties can easily access the bathtub through a door, ensuring that they can enjoy comforts of a luxury bath in a safety tub.


Enjoy Pleasures of Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy refers using water for positive health benefits. Over the years, researchers have witnessed that hot and cold baths, long soaking in bubbles can help one feel fitter, calmer, healthier and rejuvenated than ever before. That's why you need a safety walk-in. They are designed for contemporary hydrotherapy benefits, healing your body using water and their ergonomic, accessible design. Several water jets, compresses and air bubbles aid in toxin evacuation, relaxing your muscles and resulting in better tissue oxygenation. That's everything you will ever need after a stressful day at work.


Bathing gets more Comfortable and Convenient than Ever Before

Safety walk-ins have been designed thoughtfully. They boast of design controls, which will immediately adjust water flow and jet usage. Therefore, you can get multiple therapy benefits customized for your requirements. Most importantly, they aren't as hassled as your regular bath tub. Since they have a walk-in design, they come with faster draining capacities, ensuring that you don't have to worry about water removal.


Safe and Affordable

You don't have to burn a hole in your pocket to make bathing a safer and convenient option. Designed intelligently, these safety tubs have low-entry, chair height seat and comes with handrail and other features that make independent bathing safer and convenient. Plus, they are quite economical, which ensures that you can easily replace your old fashioned bathtubs for these. The tubs offer fuss free entrance and you never have to struggle with getting in or out.


So, what are you waiting for? Switch on to a warm bath and soak yourself in pleasures of a luxury bath. Ditch your old fashioned tub now!

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